How to Unclog a Double Kitchen Sink with Standing Water

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Kitchen sinks have to be one of the busiest and most abused places in the house, probably only next to the bathroom. These two places also share the problem of clogging quite often because the kitchen sinks are dealing with so many things, from big to small chunk of vegetables to what not.

But if a problem like standing water and clogged drain happens, do not rush to call the expensive plumber service. You can pretty much clean and unclog your double kitchen sink all by yourself. This guide on how to unclog a double kitchen sink with standing water will help you get through it.

Solved - Using a plunger for unclogging a double kitchen sink

#Step-1 how to unclog kitchen sink with the garbage disposal

Double sink units have a built-in garbage disposal. Fill both of your sinks with a quarter full of water. Use the plunger on the other side of the sink that has the garbage disposal. Push the plunger hard and make a good seal on the drain.

Keep the plugs and plunger in place to seal the vacuum. Plunge a couple of times, and check to see the water draining. If the water drains, remove the plunger. Run hot water in there to see if it clogs anymore. If it’s still clogged run the plunger for a few more times.

#Step-2 how to unclog a double kitchen sink

There is a U shaped bend under your kitchen sink. Clear out your kitchen cabinet and find that. To avoid messing up the kitchen with waste, place a bucket underneath. Use a wrench and loosen the pipe and remove it eventually. After you remove it, you will find a thick mess there if the pipe was clogged.

Take the pipe somewhere else for a good wash. Wash it clean by hose and then run water in your sink to see if that was the reason for clogging. If it’s the only reason, then you are done unclogging your sink and standing water.

how to unclog kitchen sink Using a sink snake

I hope you do not need to use this step. But if the situation is too serious, you may need it at some point. It’s a little gross to do it by yourself.

So if possible, you could hire a professional sink snake from somewhere. But if you don’t want to or can’t afford a plumber right now, get one regular sink snake from online, and you are good to go.

How you will do it - Safety Matters

First of all, wear work gloves to protect your hands. Twist the handles of the snake along the pipe. If the snake can get the blockage, you will get the feeling of back up. At one point, you will feel resistance against your turning. Pull that and get the thing that caused the blockage.

Rundown water for some time to see if it clogs anymore. Clean the snake and save it for later. To avoid frequent clogging and standing water from happening, use the snake whenever you have clogging problems.

How to prevent clogging in your sink

You can use some DIY mixtures to keep the sink from getting clogged. Baking soda with vinegar works wonders for a clogged sink, and regular usage will prevent it from happening frequently.

You can use hot water there often from protecting your sink from clog build-up. Make sure you do not drop any big chunks of food or waste into the sink while doing the dishes.


Clogging itself is not the problem when it comes to the double kitchen sink. You can keep it in working condition with so less maintenance and cleaning.

But the problem occurs when it gets so clogged that the water doesn’t go down the drain and cause standing water. It’s usually a sign of a heavily blocked drainage system.

So get to the unclogging of your double kitchen sink as soon as possible. It will not be that much of a hassle you take the help of this guide as well. because we have given you a precise guideline of how to unclog a double kitchen sink with standing water here.

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