Top 10 Best Utility Sink Faucet Reviews in 2020

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About best utility sink faucet, this is ultimate guide for you.

The use of utility sink is endless and way more diverse than your regular kitchen sink. It can be used for keeping up with all the hard scrubbing you might be doing at your laundry room.

You can also do cleaning up after you have finished working in the garage or your garden as well. It is why the installation utility sink and faucets should not be done with hastiness.

You can’t just jump on installing any random utility sink faucet or laundry faucet that looks appealing.

It would be best if you put some time and researches to find out whether they will serve your purpose before you proceed to the installation. So if you are determined to find only the best utility faucets for your laundry or mudroom, take the help of our guide here.

We have featured the best of the utility sink faucets out there and included some pointers to keep in mind while purchasing as well.

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top rated - Best utility sink faucet Reviews

Basics Stainless Steel Utility Sink Faucet

Do you need something that is way more affordable than all those sinks that might cost you a liver or heart but does not feel cheap? Then you must give this stainless steel sink a try at least once.

The top-grade steel finishing in it will make sure this sink thrives in a humid or dry environment. The sink is pretty well constructed, and it comes with all the mounting hardware and utility sink faucet parts you need for installation.

So it will not take too much time for the plumber to set. The faucet itself is made with solid chrome-plated brass. Another thing is that it is very easy to do the cleanup and to keep up with the maintenance of it.

The sink is made to take up to 300lbs of weight so that you can do almost anything on the sink. It is an excellent addition to your laundry or as a replacement of old your utility sink faucet/


Moen 8277 Commercial Utility sink Faucet

Who doesn’t want to experience the better version of a sprayer for utility sink!

This DuraSteel is better than most of the utility sink faucet in every way, from quality to usability. It is NSF approved and constructed from 18 gauge steel.

So there is no way the sink is getting deformed or getting any damage even from the worst of the abuses. It also comes with everything you need and easy to install.

The depth of the sink is perfect for the laundry room or kitchen. The dirt stain of the water splash looks gross in the wall. But the splash of water cannot harm the walls because the DuraSteel Stainless Steel Prep & Utility Sink prevents it from spilling. Also, you can keep a pile of laundry into it.

There are options for a different size so you can choose for different needs.



utility sink faucets

In the world of utility for the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry rooms, Kohler is quite a renowned name that everyone can trust.

Your laundry room’s look will completely change if you decide to go with this faucet. It is functional, durable, and makes your space look quite clutter-free with excellent design and performance.

There are two lever handles to give you control over the temperature and pressure of water. If you do not want to invest too much money but still want a decent quality product, then it is a must for you to check out this faucet from Kohler.

The material quality is not compromised a bit in this faucet. It’s all-metal construction. You won’t regret getting this at all due to its affordability combined with functionality like its superior laundry faucet handles and all other parts.



Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucet

If you have got a thing with black color and want to use it as many places in your home, then it is your best chance to have your sink in your favorite black color.

It’s different but also quite useful as well. You can match everything in the utility room and have fun with décor. The room will not look not so dull anymore.

The sink is made of heavy-duty thermoplastic. So you know that it’s not going to cover in rust or stain like others. The wide design is very convenient for working on dirty jobs. It’s so wide and spacious that you can even use it for cleaning your small dog here. Take your time installing the sink, and you will find it great.


Utility sinks are more for practical use and convenience. The look is not the priority here, although many would prefer something stylish. But often just because a product looks good, it doesn’t ensure better performance.

So better to look for more quality in the sink, you want to buy, like the laundry Sink Utility Tub with durable metal and ABS plastic here.

The faucet that comes with the sink looks high end and classy but is quite sturdy as well as the industrial sink faucets. You are maybe reluctant to let go of your old laundry faucet for the excellent service it has given to you throughout so many years. But using this will not make you miss your previous sink at all.

The sink has 19 gallons of capacity for laundry. You can soak your laundry items and scrub it in there too. The metal legs are differently designed for ensuring stability. It’s a single lever faucet having a pull sprayer function, and it is one of the best sprayers for utility sink.


A Utility Sink Faucet is different than a regular sink faucet. It is specially made for keeping the use of this sink faucet in the laundry in mind. What does that mean?

Well, it means that the utility sinks are quite deeper than the regular sink, and the faucet will be better suited to take all the cleaning you are going to do there. Although it will definitely vary from different utility sink faucet with the materials and different styles, such as, but they are usually made out of metals and way more durable.

You are likely to find they can withstand such a serious amount of workload that you can not even imagine on your regular living room sink.

Types Of Utility Sink Faucets

The sink faucet comes with two different types.

  • Deck Mounted
  • Wall-Mounted

So what is the primary difference between them? Well, as the name might explain it to you already, the deck-mounted faucets are usually attached to the rear of a sink.

The wall-mounted sinks are attached by drilling through the wall. Like the name, they are also a bit different in use and cost. The deck-mounted faucets are usually a bit cheaper, and they do not require that much hassle while installing.

The wall-mounted faucets are a bit more expensive and complicated when it comes to the installation as well.

How should you Choose The Best Utility Sink Faucet

When looking for the best utility sink faucet, you have to remember a few rules of thumbs to find one that is better suited for your laundry

  • The very first thing you need to determine is how much you are willing to spend on your utility sink faucet because a lot will depend on what your budget for it.
  • You also need to determine which is the task you will be most frequently use it for and how much intense cleaning you are planning to do with it as well.
  • Consider where you want it to install as well.
  • Last but not least, you need to consider how hard the particular sink faucet you have selected is to install as well.


There are quite a lot of benefits of having a laundry room in your house. You can finish all the cleanups of clothes in one place. Maybe your kids got some mess on their clothes and all over the body.

So where should you go? Well, no other than the laundry rooms sink. It is why you need to find a suitable and the best utility sink faucet.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep up with all the cleanups that frequently occur in a household.

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